Schapelle Corby Arrested for Smuggling Pets into Australia with Boogie Board

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby landed in Australia yesterday, only to be immediately arrested by Australian authorities for smuggling charges a second time round.

Schapelle Corby

In a statement released by the AFP, the police commissioner stated “It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve had to take Schapelle into custody, she’s an Australian icon and a real true blue Aussie with authority issues. No further comment.”

Shappelle was arrested upon landing for attempting to smuggle her two pet dogs into the country on her infamous boogie board.

“I learned a lot from the first time round and I really thought I could get it this time” Shappelle said before being taken away.

More information to come as this story unfolds.


  1. I think that this despicable! Absolutely despicable! She’s been trapped away from home for so long and now you post this! Should’ve given some time at the very least.

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